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Pioneer Investments

Pioneer is a global investment manager with a conservative style. Up against larger and flashier mutual fund groups such as Vanguard, Fidelity and T. Rowe Price, our advertising for Pioneer leveraged the benefits – and virtues - of a more careful investment approach.

Brown & Company

Our ads for Brown & Company discount brokers ran for more than 20 years. This long-running campaign bent all the direct-response rules, challenging potential customers to meet a strict set of criteria in order to open an account. Brown achieved the highest ROI in the discount brokerage category, eventually selling to E*Trade for $1.6 billion in cash.


Timberland Work is a boot and shoe line specifically designed for working men and women. It was also created to support a discreet distribution network that served these customers exclusively. One tough boot for one tough audience.


Capital Crossing Bank

Capital Crossing distinguished itself as a boutique bank specializing in real estate and business banking. Since commercial services were its specialty, we compared the bank's direct approach to the typical “big bank runaround”.  Capital Crossing eventually sold for $210 million in cash.



Medicare asked us to create a public service spot that would persuade older Americans to get a Pneumonia Vaccine shot. In the spirit of Monty Python, we dramatized the defensive action of the vaccine with a touch of sketch humor and a memorable visual metaphor.


Gold's Gym

Under the tag line "Gold's Gym. The Original American Workout", this series of commercials  emphasized the raw intensity of the Gold's Gym philosophy, and the "mind-over-matter" aspect of building a better body.


Salvation Army

With our camera crew shooting 24/7 at three Boston Salvation Army locations, we captured the human condition of those in need. The compelling black and white images formed the core of this video "rap"— which was used to support a record breaking 
fundraising effort.


Rockford Health

Framed in a striking yellow and black palette, this montage spot communicates the primary advantages of Rockford Health System: Level 1 trauma, Level III neonatal intensive care, and their multi-disciplinary heart care center.

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