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Fusion Worldwide is a leading global distributor of electronic components, serving the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. Hoffman and Partners rebranded and repositioned the company, with messaging that highlights the firm’s rigid sourcing standards, vendor evaluation and quality control procedures. Communications elements include digital campaigns in North America, Europe and Asia, email, direct mail, and print supporting the theme “Sourcing is our
most critical component.”



SHOP 'n SAVE "Our Kitchen Stories"

SHOP ‘n SAVE was just the right size — not too big and not too small.  Bill Drake developed the unique positioning platform: SHOP 'n SAVE — just right™. The “just right” position was reinforced in all media and through comprehensive in-store merchandising including web site design, Facebook, and  "OUR KITCHEN STORIES" sub-web site that became a user generated site that encouraged customers to post up thier favorie family recipies. Now housing over 400 customer recipies, the site has become a unigue  SHOP 'n SAVE branding tool.


Hoffman and Partners' Bill Drake designed and developed the launch of the Cabot Guns e-commerce web site. The site was developed to reflect the promise of Cabot Guns; each pistol is a truly 100% American product; from the American born solid blocks of billet steel which forms the backbone of all Cabot Guns, to the workers plying their precision trade in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania, right down to the optional Mammoth-Ivory grips harvested from the ancient ice fields of Alaska’s great frontier. Every piece of every component can be traced to American roots.

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